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A photographer is a person who captures beauty, quirky elements, and real life in a photograph. They capture a single moment in time, preserving it for, potentially, all time. Using a digital camera, a camera that takes film, a smartphone, a GoPro, or another device that can be used to snap pictures, a photographer looks for those fleeting moments in life, those unusual angles, and those interesting takes. 
Photography is an art form that requires precision, patience, style, and dedication. Photographers often look for ways to constantly improve on their craft and ways in which they can perfect their work. Some photographers look for ways to reinvent themselves, surprising both themselves and their fans with new ideas and creativity. Life is definitely interesting when seen through a lens!
Some photographers specialize in a particular area, whereas others have multiple themes and subjects that they cover. A fashion photographer is, however, unlikely to also crossover into capturing landscapes. Areas of photography include, though are certainly not limited to, portraits, including family and pet memories, wildlife, sports, real estate, aerial, underwater, weddings and other events, food, and people.
Photos may be taken for a range of purposes too, including for advertising purposes, for personal albums, to create beautiful prints to adorn a wall, to accompany journalistic pieces, to appear on a blog, and so on. Some people collect their images to make a collage or a video of their stills, adding even more dimension to their original images. Whatever kind of photography you’re into, you are sure to want to share your best works with others.  
People say that an image is often worth a thousand words. Stories can be told through photos, and important events are recorded visually with photographs. There is often some sort of journey to be taken with a series of photographs; how will you invite others to join you on that adventure without a platform to showcase your images?
A website created with Hopinit is the ideal way to share your photographs with the world. It’s also a brilliant online portfolio!
Without needing to install and use Wordpress and with no complex drag and drop functions, a template from has a simple layout and is user friendly. The free photography template uses the most up-to-date html5 and css3 responsive coding standards.
Showcase your images in an online gallery and take pride in your work. Showing what you can do can also encourage potential clients to reach out to you for bookings. The contact form makes reaching you a breeze. If you use photography as a business, you can easily detail the services that you offer, including whether you take commissions, work from a studio, travel to locations, and so on.
Whatever type of photography you specialize in, the reasons for doing so can be manifold. Whether it’s for fun and relaxation, whether snapping away is a creative outlet for you, whether you want to make money from you work, or whether it’s simply borne from passion and love, share your passion and talent with the world!

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