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A painter may be an artist who paints pictures, either to make a living or as a hobby, or they may be a person who paints inside and outside buildings, as in a decorator. The former type of painter typically works alone, sometimes in a studio, while the latter may work alone or for a company. A painter and decorator might operate as a contractor, performing regular routine paint jobs and paint maintenance at a particular place, for example a housing company with a rolling program of paint jobs in the homes that they own.
Whether your focus as a painter is on producing striking pieces of art or making rooms and / or buildings look smart and aesthetically pleasing, what ways do you use to sell your pieces or services? A website is an ideal way to bag commissions, sell existing pieces, and be hired for new paint jobs.
Art collectors, people sourcing artwork for their home, office, hotel, etc., and people looking for painting works in different properties all share one thing in common: many start their research to find the ideal person on the web. If you don’t have a website, they may never come to know about you!
You’re a creative soul, and may shy away from more technical matters. Don’t let that put you off! A website built with Hopinit is simple. There’s no need to worry about using WordPress or another CMS, or spending ages fiddling with tricky drag and drop features; the template has been designed with you in mind, with a great layout and top theme. Of course, that’s not to say it will be dull … anything but! You can customize your site to be as individual as your paintings or painting projects.
A site created with a Hopinit template is also responsive, displaying well on all devices, and interactive. It’s user friendly as well as builder friendly.
Modern, clean, fresh, and professional, start creating a great impression with potential clients from the minute they land on your website.
In an artistic trade, such as painting, visuals speak volumes. So give viewers what they want. Entice web users with big beautiful images. Upload pictures of your artwork and paintings, or display before and after pictures of areas that you have transformed with paint. Think of your website as your blank canvas or wall, your gallery and slideshow your painting magic to show the world just what you can do.
Provide details about you, your work, services offered, and rates in the about and services section, and make it easy for people to ask questions, discuss their requirements, and get a quote with the contact form. Don’t forget to also list any extra services that you may offer, for example workshops and tuition.
Other features of a Hopinit site include an integrated Google Maps feature, social buttons, allowing you to link any existing or future social media sites to your website, and a navigation bar, assisting people with finding their way around your website with ease.
There are many reasons to take your creativity online with Hopinit!

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