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Calling all movie moguls and filmmakers!

Now it’s a wrap, and the lights, camera, action have faded, what about your website? There are many reasons why you might have a dedicated website for a new film or movie. 

Whether it’s expected to be a box office smash, starring a celebrity cast and produced using a massive team and a huge budget, a smaller production made by a handful of actors and actresses and a relatively modest budget, an art-house production, a silent movie, a mini film, or something else that doesn’t fall into any of those groups, a website is an essential way to spread the word, gain fans, and encourage people to watch your work.

With so many genres of film, including, for example, horror, comedy, sci-fi, and romance, and so many types of movie for each category, getting people behind your particular production can be tricky. With so many choices, why should someone invest a couple of hours of their life watching your film?

While you will be sure of the merits and entertainment value of your movie, convincing the general public can be more of a challenge. Create a beautiful, clean, website with and promote your work online. Get your domain name and use a free movie / film template, created using css3 and html5, and say goodbye to difficult-to-use website builders, Wordpress, and drag-and-drop designs. A Hopinit template is smooth, allowing for beautiful interactive website creation with minimal fuss and maximum impact. The theme and layout can be customized; no two websites made with Hopinit are ever the same, despite being so easy to make. All sites are completely unique and as individual as your movie.

Display captivating stills from your movie with the gallery section, link to your trailer, or, even better, embed your short trailer clip right in the middle of your front page, and give a gripping intro to your film. The about section can be used to give the highlights, hooking in your potential viewers, as well as giving interesting facts about the movie’s production and cast members.

If you’re planning a preview event, keep track of invitations with ease. If the movie has already been released, or you’ve had advance screenings, why not add some glowing testimonials? Provide details of ticket sales and costs, and deal with online enquires efficiently with the contact form.

Use the web to reach out to people, connect your site with any social pages you might already have, reach out to film buffs, reviewers, and bloggers, and give your movie the exposure that it and the cast deserve. Let your website be another vital tool in your online marketing and promotional activities and watch as your ticket sales, positive views, and number of happy fans soar!

Trust Hopinit to help you to have the best movie / film website and even better, the top-notch template, made especially with movies and films in mind, is completely free!   

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