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What’s a writer?

Essentially, a writer is somebody who writes, either for fun or for a living. There are many different ways to write, and many different things to write about. Back in days long past, people used quills dipped in ink pots and chalk on slates to record their thoughts. From parchment paper to papyrus, people have written long through the ages. Nowadays, most use a good old pen and piece of paper, or notebook, or, more and more commonly, writers use computers, word processors, and keyboards to bash out their thoughts and commit them to the screen.
People write books and ebooks, academic works, white papers, technical manuals, how-to guides, and advertisements. Web copy, newsletters, blogs, and marketing campaigns are all further examples of writing work.
Fiction, biographical works, factual information … sci-fi, romance, comedy, horror, travel, business … diaries, lesson plans, essays, ad copy … journalistic, reporting, scripts, song lyrics … there are so many kinds of writing!
Whatever kind of writer you are, you need a professional website.
Why? To find projects, in the case of a freelance writer, get your work known, sell your written products, in the case of an author, network, connect with individuals with similar interests to yourself, to act as your online portfolio, and so on. If looking for work, attach a link to your website with your proposal to give solid examples of what you can do. There are many reasons to have your own writer’s website! And, using Hopinit makes it so simple, easy, and cheap!
The about section lets you tell readers all about you, your skills, education, writing experience, past key clients, etc. You can include snippets of your work and links to pieces that have published under your name. Alternatively, it can act as your online author’s bio.
The services section is perfect for detailing exactly what you can do and how your wizardry with words can help a business or company that wants to engage the skills of a top-notch wordsmith. You may be approached by a publisher interested in a book collaboration. Whatever you are looking for from your writing, this is your space to shine and show just what you can do.
Say someone checks out your site and is interesting in doing a deal, how can they reach you? Through the contact form! Everything has been thought of for you, making selling your writing services a cinch.
The gallery and slideshow can be used to display a headshot of you, bringing life to the name behind the pen, or keyboard. If you’ve had books published, snap a pic of the cover and display it with pride on your website. There are heaps of preloaded images for you to use too.
Already have social media pages? Add social buttons to your site to bring all your online pages together.
An easy-to-use navigation bar, great layout, beautiful theme, options for customization, integrated Google Maps, and a testimonials section are other features that you can look forward to when you build your professional site with a free Hopinit template.  

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