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What is an artist?

Debate often rages, with as many opinions as there are people who consider the question. Is an artist self defined? Is it a person that earns a living from their work? Is it someone who enjoys a particular artistic hobby in their free time? Should an artist devote most of their time towards creating art, and are there certain creative processes that constitute art and others that don’t? Myriad questions exist, and they are often tough to answer. Toss the question of what is actual art into the equation and you open the discussion up to philosophers, scientists, theorists, and more. Given the subjective nature of many types of art, we would say, if you consider yourself to be an artist, you are! Simple!
Undeniably, an artist is a creative soul, a person who has a vision and creates something based upon that vision. Including painting, drawing, sculpting, and other visual pieces with an aesthetic value, art forms may also include graffiti, tattooing, photography, culinary presentation, flower arranging, performed arts, writing, and a plethora of other crafts. Whatever your specialty is, showcase your talents and add an extra level of pride to your work with your own Hopinit website.
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The days have long gone where artists could rely solely on a gallery exhibition or a performance to spread word about their talents. A professional website, complete with a portfolio of your best works, lets you have a permanent online gallery for the world to see at any time. Allow your art to reach more people, get greater admiration and acclaim, and let your skills and abilities shine through.

Diverse tools, themes, and layouts mean that your artist’s website can be as unique as your art. Your online presence can reflect your visions and goals. If you have a studio that’s open to visitors, a store where you sell your pieces, or have pieces on display in an exhibition, tell people! As well as sharing the nitty gritty, such as opening hours, address, and phone number, integration with Google Maps means that people can find you with ease.

Perhaps you want to reach a wider client base and start selling your pieces online. Maybe you’re looking for that next big commission. A handy contact form encourages people to get in touch. There’s no fear of someone looking at your work, meaning to contact you, and then forgetting later. You might want to simply share your pieces with a wider audience. Whatever the next step is for you on the artistic journey, get there with your own website.

The image gallery lets you display your pieces, illustrating your creative endeavors. If you’re a performing artist, you can link to videos of your works from your website. Fully linked to your social media channels, new or existing, getting to your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other is a breeze from your website. Let your fans and potential clients fully appreciate your works.

The about section lets you paint a picture with your words, telling people more about you, the person behind the paintbrush / viewfinder / potter’s wheel / etc. Build that connection, share your inspirations and methods, and encourage an understanding of your art. It’s your art. Own it. Establish an online presence that’s as unique and appealing as your art. 

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